dystopian legions dlbs01 empire of the blazing sun starter set steampu


dystopian legions dlbs01 empire of the blazing sun starter set steampu

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Dystopian Legions – Empire of the Blazing Sun: Starter Set Summary: 13 unpainted metal miniatures for Dystopian Legions. Imagine a world similar to our own, but subtly different. Now imagine the year is 1870 and the Industrial Revolution occurred decades earlier than in our own world. DYSTOPIAN LEGIONS is a fast-paced, action-packed 28mm scale tabletop game set in the exciting world of Dystopian Wars, where Victorian super science fiction has created a fascinating and brutal arena for a deadly world war. Although the smallest of the great powers, the Empire of the Blazing Sun have carved out an influence far greater than their modest territories would suggest. This is largely due to their formidable strength in arms. The core of this nations force are the elite Ashigaru Sections, better trained and equipped than the infantry of any other nation. The Ashigaru are armed with the infamous Dragons Breath; firing cartridges filled with mysterious compounds that ignite on contact with the air, fired from a rapid-repeating shotgun. These horrifying weapons are truly devastating once the Ashigaru have closed to within range.Set contains: 1 x Character Figure, 1 x Officer, 1 x Rocket Launcher, 7 x Ashigaru Infantry, 3 x Shinobi. Also included are a deck of 26 Game Cards, 24 Dice, Measuring Ruler, Plastic Bases, Token Sheet, Section Activation Cards and a printed version of the Quickplay Rules. Pack contains thirteen troops. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and requires assembly. Figures are about 7/8″ to 1 1/8″ to top of head. Manufacturer: Spartan Games Line/Series: Dystopian Legions Stock Number: DLBS01 Contents: Thirteen (13) miniatures Sculptor: N/A Scale: 28mm Material: White Metal Alloy Condition: NewMiniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required. Miniatures are shipped in original package; packaging may have some storage and shelf wear.This is a hobby product and not a toy. Recommended for ages 15 and up. Thanks for viewing.

Recommended Age Range: 15+

Brand: Spartan Games

Country of Manufacture: United Kingdom


Game: Dystopian Legions

Assembly Required?: Yes

Painted?: No

Country/Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom