A board game for small and mid-class children was introduced on Monday. In fact, I know that what really hurts moms and dads is the child’s “small and small” mathematics enlightenment, so we continue the topic of the previous issue – use the board game to give mathematics enlightenment to the children. Look at this issue.

Dot chess

First introduce to your parents a board game that can be made at home – check the chess, the production method is simple, and the playability is high.

What is a checkerboard game

Gege Chess, also known as the surrounding screen, a classic foreign puzzle game, first introduced by the French mathematician Edward Lucas in 1891.


Two colored pencils (different colors), one sheet of paper.

Suitable for age:

Children over 5 years old.

How to play:

First place a group of dots arranged in a square on the paper. Each side takes turns to draw a straight line in the vertical or horizontal direction to connect two points, but it cannot be drawn in the occupied area. When the line draws an area, draw a player symbol in the area to indicate occupation and continue to draw lines. When the line can no longer be drawn, the game ends. The player who has captured the most in the total area wins.

Very abstract, right, we give an example:

1. Draw 4*4 black spots on white paper. Children and moms choose different colors and start to take turns, starting with red:

2. Blue is also followed by a line;

3. Look carefully at this move. When the red selection draws the line in the lower right corner, the blue has the opportunity to draw a line to form a square;

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