For thousands of years, board games and nephews have been popular activities in human society, some have been used up to now, and some have been ignored because they have not recorded their rules of the game in detail. Let’s take a look at some of the domestic and foreign board games:

In July of this year, Israeli archaeologists discovered a chessboard (African chess) in the 2nd century AD. The chessboard is essentially a huge stone with many potholes on it. Playing chess is a bit like “checkers”. .

Mehen is the name of the ancient Egyptian zombie. It is also a board game before 2150 BC. The rules of the game are not clear. The board is a snake body that is upside down, plus six pieces.

The “hound and hyena” game discs and pieces found in ancient Egyptian archaeological sites can be traced back to 2000 BC. The player moves the piece from one end to the other, while also capturing the opponent’s pieces on the road.

The ancient Greeks used to play board games. This record was recorded on the Greek amphora in the 6th century BC. The picture shows the Greek hero Achilles and Aas playing the dice game during the siege of Troy. .

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