In 2018, we brought a lot of excellent board games. I wonder if all the board game lovers are having fun? If you have already turned your attention to the future and want to learn about the next new board game, this article will be able to satisfy you. Then let’s go straight to the topic. Here are some of the most anticipated table games in 2019. The game is ranked regardless of ranking, only in alphabetical order.

Batman: The Chronicles of Gotham City

Publisher: Monolith

“Batman: Gotham City Chronicles” didn’t “list” in 2018 as we expected, but players are still waiting. In the game, only one player plays the villain, controls the villains underneath, and formulates their evil plans. The rest of the players form a “Gaotan City Hero Team” to fight against evil forces. “The Gotham City Chronicles” uses a rule system of a popular board game “Conan Adventure Game” a few years ago and improved it. In the system of “Ban Wang Conan Adventure Game”, various combinations of tactics keep the fairness between different players. However, in the “Cathang City Chronicles”, the rules are different, adding some new features, such as two players one-on-one battle mode. In addition to the impressive IP in the Batman series, the improved and well-crafted models of the game system give us good reason to look forward to and look forward to this board game.

“The Mouse and the Way”Publisher: Plaid Hat Games

For the 2018 board game “Stuffed Fables”, in addition to praise or praise. This is an imaginative family fun game, each part of which is described in the story book. The designer’s new work, Comanauts, follows the same rules, but this time it is more about telling stories to adults than to children. The player must go deep into the spiritual world of a scientist who is in a coma, because only by resurrecting him can the world be saved from destruction. Everyone has to follow the subconscious mind of this genius doctor and eventually defeat the heart of his heart. The collaborative skills and numerous scenes in the adventure greatly increase the playability and charm of this board game.

Big Detective: City of Angels (provisional translation)Publisher: Van Ryder Games

Not every game can be released as expected. “Detective: City of Angels” released the sound of the wind as early as 2018, but it has been pushed until this year. The game takes the player back to Los Angeles, where the crime was ravaged in the 1940s, where the player played the role of “Detective”, one of whom played the “suspect”, specifically subverting and distorting the facts and misleading other players. The most appealing feature of the game is the use of a novel way of interrogation, where the detective player asks their “suspects” while the other tries to mislead the detective. Detectives can question them and interrogate them, but if they do tell the truth, they may arouse their negative behavior, which may violate law and order. Innovative systems like this ensure that players have a unique gaming experience, and many people are already eager to try. When the game is released, they will be on the tabletop of board game enthusiasts.

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