How do you start to describe the balanced beast? As a family board game, this is also a video game, as a toy stacking and balancing game, where can you create your own creatures? As a game where Skylanders meets Jenga? Maybe it doesn’t matter. Importantly, Beasts of Balance is a unique experience that is still very interesting despite some flaws. At first glance it seems that a simple balancing exercise will eventually become a surprisingly selective and in-depth game that will completely fascinate you. Open the beautifully wrapped box and you’ll find a two-piece base, three large beasts, three small beasts, two white shapes and a series of colored polyhedrons, all of which are crafted from matte finish plastic. . Insert three AA batteries into the dock, download and install the iOS or Android app to leave, and the app guides you through the basics with smart, well-designed tutorials. You seem to be the creator of a new world, bringing life to life by stacking them on the base. Each stackable beast or shape – the artifact in the Balanced Beast has a built-in NFC chip that you can activate by touching the icon on the artifact to the icon on the base and then carefully placing it on the platform.

If it is a beast, it will appear in the game. Your basic beast belongs to one of three elements Earth, Ocean and Sky – and will appear in the appropriate area of ​​your brave new world. Each beast also has a star power score, and the total score helps to form your individual score as a creator. Things are getting more complicated now. The beast of the current highest star makes you envious of any other beast in the world, and as a result they lose a star power point. If they lose all their points, they will be extinct. You can keep them by feeding them; the polyhedron I mentioned earlier. Monochrome elements provide a good feed for all the beasts that belong to the element, while two-color elements divide the programs into two elements. At the same time, the fire element brings a huge extra star power to the currently selected beast – in general, there is a useful firefly creaking around it.

In addition, you can get a white shape and perform one of two operations on one of your beasts. One of the crosses combines the beasts, taking out new beasts from sharks and bears or octopuses and warthogs, leaving the original in place. One of the arrow-shaped moves the beast to a new form, and the sea-based Octopus became the land-based Rocktopus. These migratory creatures or strange hybrids can be the basis of more strange creations, the number of strangers increases, and your beast becomes more and more unusual. Keeping a cool head and a steady hand, the world is full of various bear sharks meeting the toucan creatures. A beast that reaches a total of 20 or 30 points becomes an element: the super beast at the top of the evolutionary chain. Finding a new one always feels like a real achievement.

Of course, when your brain tries to handle all of this, your hand is busy trying to stack different artifacts on the base. Sensible Object’s team carefully designed each so that they can stand at different angles in different locations, provide habitat for other artifacts, and weight them in different directions but the more you place on the pedestal, your ad The higher the special tower gets, the more difficult it becomes. Also, because you need to respond to what’s happening in the app, not just what’s happening on the pedestal, you can’t always put the object you want, because the poor warthog dies of hunger or because you really like to squeeze The shark on the boat, make the killer combination you thought about before. To make things harder, you’ll have a small miracle item that protects your beast from losing your interstellar energy points or providing you with a quick stacking bonus score. To make them work, you need to stack when you perform a tricky feat in your application, such as clicking or holding your icon with your finger. Given that maintaining a large balance of artifacts is an art in itself, when you are trying to get a high score, this may be your destruction. Losing balance, your tower will collapse, giving you a few crazy seconds to count down with the volcano game to replace all your artifacts before the end of the game before the end of the world. When this happens, you have two metrics of success; the total score of your world at the end, and the beast you made and joined your animal for the first time. There is also a little bit of Pokémon that “must catch all of them” and there are many different beasts and hybrid combinations that take a long time to do. The Balanced Beast is a very compelling and worrying addictive, meticulously presented inside and outside the app. Cool, stylized graphics bring different creatures to life, along with atmospheric soundtracks from the Fez / Hyper-Light-Drifter composer’s Disasterpiece. But so far, you may have noticed a strange thing in the game. The basic packaging design is not competitive – to do this, you need to take advantage of the new combat mode.

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