Speaking of CD Projekt RED, you must say the “Witcher” series. After the launch of “Witcher 3”, the game card game that came with the game suddenly fired, which made the Polish stupid re-release this little game and made a unique battle card game “Quint”, but The stupid idiots that have been doing well in the stand-alone field are much more immature in multiplayer card games, but they also have their own methods: push the whole foundation to redo, use the old line to come back to life, you can still be a little worse. It can be said that it is the most amazing card game in 2018.

But you have to say that “Quint” PVP is really not fun, I have nothing to say, but you have to say that “The Fall of King Power” has not played, then I have to regret that you missed a good game.

As a mode with content, the thickness of the game is amazing. The overall process of the week is collected in about 18 hours. It is more troublesome to see the ending. Obviously, in the multiplayer battle and plot mode, it is not very good that the Polish stupidity is still not good, but in a sense, the RPG based on characters and stories is the best they can handle.

It must be admitted that stupidity is a younger brother in PVP, and there are some limitations on the balance of numbers and the diversity of decks. But as soon as they returned to the RPG field, they changed back to that stupidity.

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