Very good intellectual game.

The style of painting is simple and not rough, such as animated characters, cute and refined, and the gameplay can be varied. The Shaoguan model is worth exploring. The four characters, each with different skills, can be practiced. The background music is also very good, and the bird songs are active in the atmosphere of the game. What I admire most is his language system. One option is to configure the language. This is a direct detection system, which makes it very convenient for everyone to play games, and no longer has to worry about language barriers.

In a word, it can be used as an exercise for chess by unfamiliar people, or as a leisure for chess masters.

As for why deduct a star. . . Here, the author mentions that since the last rainy day

The “problem game” that can’t be played without Googleplay, I installed googleplay, although the author unloaded the stuff, but still not stupid to remove googleplay, (the flow is limited is also limited…. Ask why not use the wireless network… The signal strength of the campus network you know) But I still have the prompt to use the latest version of googleplay, although the author is not the latest version, but can also play, but the author visually, may also be a I can’t play without a play service.

General comment, very powerful game

Funny than 4 stars

The game screen is full of fairy tale style, and the color is also very comfortable. The game provides us with four characters, each with a unique image.

The music of the game is very good, especially the interface inside the game. We can hear the sounds of birds, insects, etc. It is very realistic, as if it is in the middle of the forest.

The operation of the game is very simple. Click on the character first and then move according to the yellow square that appears on the screen, but the red square is unreachable.

The gameplay is similar to chess, which is to use the position to go to the enemy to kick them out and stop the attack. Although the gameplay is very simple, every step of the game has to be carefully thought out. If you take the wrong step, you will probably fail. It will be a bit difficult to get started in the game, but after all, it is AI, so it is much easier to hone several times.

The game is divided into level mode and challenge mode. The level mode has three maps, each of which contains several small levels. The challenge mode is similar to the endless mode of Plants vs. Zombies.


Overall, the gameplay is gorgeous and incorporates action and chess elements. The game is very challenging, it is a test of our logical thinking ability, and we can get the corresponding achievements, it is a good game. What are you waiting for?

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