American board game:

Compared to the hot German-style board game, it seems that less people pay attention to American board games in Hong Kong – in fact, even the US Boardgame company itself has a large part of its profits along the German-style German-style board game sales in the country. … American board games have two systems: table role-playing games (TRPG) and war games (Wargame), the objects are some Hardcore players who are more obsessed with the game, so even if the Boardgame outside the system is launched, it is inevitable Their impact.

To a certain extent, it is not difficult to say the characteristics of American board games. It is enough to reverse some of the characteristics of German-style board games:

1. The game takes a long time. It takes quite a while to get more than 2 hours, and even more than 5-10 hours or even a whole day.

2. The rules are more complicated, and more of the support sections need to be noted.

3. Relative to the abstraction of German table games, influenced by RPG, the theme of American board games is usually more vivid (the problem of abstraction will be discussed in another article).

4. Because of the importance of the theme, American board games usually do more work on visual effects. For example, the pieces will be more delicate (the German-style small wood is not an opponent).

5. Similarly, the American board game board (Boardgame) is usually more gorgeous, the area is larger, giving people a big feeling (the capital of American capitalism is thick here)

6. A lot of details need to be manipulated, but the disguise increases the space that the player can operate. The feeling of “mastering” the game is stronger, which is different from the “selection” of German-style board games.

7. Perhaps influenced by the Wargame system, American board games are usually aimed at destroying opponents. The chances of competing for death, failure, and exit are more common in the American Boardgame than the score competition.

8. “Zero-sum game”: It can be different from German-style board games by mutual cooperation. American board games often encourage players to compete for each other. When A player takes one more yuan, it means that B player is less. One dollar, in other words, when a big victory means another big defeat.

9. Finally, the blind! In addition to the Card Game, basically you can find a variety of dice in American games.

German table games:

The German-style board game (Brettspiel, also known as the Euro Game) is derived from the leisure activities of the social class in the twentieth century. After World War II, it gradually spread to the German family. Due to the expansion of the market, German-style board games gradually established between the 70s and 80s.

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