Hello, here is the hippo game.

I am deciphering Hippo.

This summer, the “Love Apartment” that accompanied us in the summer to return to the movie version is still a familiar formula, or the original taste.

Hema Jun’s favorite character is Lu Ziqiao, who can be salty and sweet. In the life of Ziqiao’s unrestrained life, the favorite should be Meijia. In addition to Meijia, it should be flying chess . Joe, is your fighter still there?

Flying chess is almost a childhood memory. A group of small friends are sitting around the board and eating small snacks and laughing, but as they get older, there are fewer and fewer people playing flying chess.

Nowadays, mobile games have become an important entertainment item for social gatherings. Flying chess as a thrilling table game has also been put on mobile phones. What new gameplay will be available for online flying chess ?

Flying chess is very Buddhist?

In everyone’s impression and understanding, flying chess is a game suitable for all ages, but in fact, there are numerous black and black hearts hidden in the ordinary chessboard. Today, Hippo Jun comes to reveal the thrill of flying chess.

Chinese Flying Chess PK India Ludo

Chinese flying chess brings together the wisdom of the Greater China nation. The flying chess board has more colors and is divided into four colors: red, yellow, blue and green. Each player rolls the dice in turn, and selects the pieces according to the number of points of the dice. Takeoff, continuous throwing, checkers, stacks, hits, and flying. Chess and other well-known gameplay.

However, the explosive flying chess did not detonate the domestic mobile game market, and the domestic chess and card games list continued to be dominated by landlords and mahjong.

Chinese flying chess board

Indian Ludo , the gameplay is similar to flying chess and is different from flying chess. The word “Ludo” in English comes from India itself, especially a chess competition in ancient India.

Compared to Chinese flying chess, Ludo’s board is relatively simple, and the way to take off, stack, hit, and win is roughly the same. Unlike flying chess, Ludo has eight security zones, including each player’s birthplace and a star-studded grid.

Ludo can choose different levels of difficulty, the simple level is easy to use, simple and rude, while the master mode is more competitive. Give a chestnut: In the rules of the master mode, the pawn must knock out a pawn of another player to enter the track leading to the finish line, otherwise it can only continue to enter the next lap. This rule of the jungle is greatly enhanced by Ludo. Competitive, so more strategically deep rules are more attractive to Ludo’s core players.

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